Hands Free Neck Fan Portable Fan Mini USB Personal Rechargeable Sports Wearable Neckband Fan



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EASY ON-THE-GO Hands-free design for easy hanging around the neck, the band structure allows you to easily put on neck and the flexible arms allows you to adjust the direction according to your angle.  Thanks to the light-weighted design, you won’t feel much when wearing it even it’s for a long time. Energy saving & Noise reduction The brushless motor has reliable performance, long service life low failure rate, low-grade and smooth, variable speed sliding which can not only reduce the power consumption during operation and smooth low-speed, variable speed sliding reduce the sound during operation.Fibonacci design method for less power loss The Fibonacci sequence is the basis of many harmonious patterns in nature, also called the golden section number. The air duct of the turbo fan applies this principle, so that the loss of the air duct is smaller, and the wind power is larger and quieter.Hidden air duct design The turbine strong wind technology and vertical air duct technology are used to convert the horizontal air duct into a vertical air duct at a right angle, and the cool wind is directly from bottom to top, forming a cool wind enveloping area for the head, and the wing is concentrated to quickiy cool down.TANGLE FREE DESGIN – The advanced design we used, will prevent the fan blade tangled with your hair when using the device, especially when you are doing sport. Compare to other brands, our product is much more longhair friendly, safer to any user. ADJUSTABLE SPEED – The two turn-able wind blowers (21°at vertical, 180°at portrait) provides 3 speed tiers: Low, Medium, and High. Guaranteed powerful and steady wind from the fan, also quiet enough for you to wear it. SHAPE-SHIFT AS YOU WISH – Thanks to the flexible arms, it allows you to adjust the direction according to your preferred angle. You may also tangle it on your bike, or use it during gym, anywhere you can think of. The hands-free design also allows you for easy hanging around the neck. The light-weighted design also guarantee you won’t feel much when wearing it even it’s for a long time. LONG BATTERY LIFE – The 2000mAh rechargeable battery requires 3 hours of USB charging time and it lasts for approximately 3 to 5 hours, depending on the different setting. With the USB rechargeable system, you can always recharge the fan whenever you go. HIGHLY VERSATILE – Use it while lounging, working out, working outdoors, traveling, playing sports, leisure and more! Perfect gift for people who works at a construction site, filming areas, warehouse etc.